******************************** -- prestidigitatorr BEGINNING CONCEPTS


This system is centered around the "Storytiller" concept. The Storytiller, like a rototiller, exists to chop you into little bits and grind you into the dirt. We will refer to the Storytiller alternately as OGL&M, for Oh Great Lord & Master; a choice we prefer in that it leaves no confusion just who's in charge here.

{Alternately, it sometimes stands for Oh Great Lady & Mistress. If this is the case, just brace yourself.
Lady Storytillers are the worst. Male Storytillers you can often bribe with little donuts and get considerations, but the female of the species you have to bribe just so she'll deign to grind you beneath her heel.}


Just to start with, it's important to note that in the universe of Prestidigitatorr: The Unpronounceable, there -IS NO REAL MAGIC.- None. This isn't one of those GM-winking "Haha, your -characters- don't believe there's any, yet," sorts of things. There really isn't. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, or worst of all, a vaudevillian.

Which brings me to the characters. Characters in this game are Prestidigitatorrs. [Spelled with the doubled-r (or doubled-n, regarding prestidigitationn) to distinguish it from elephant milking.] Liars, cheats, frauds...even vaudevillians. If your campaign is dark enough, perhaps even politicians.


Trade-Ins (and Sneers)

  • Kashinhand Brotherhood (Psycholology)
  • Celestial Sleazonings (Grime)
  • Colt of Ecstasy (Tick-Tick-Boom)
  • Creamspeakers (Spite)
  • Universitos (Dullness)
  • Order of Herpes (Horsepucky)
  • Sons of Barnum (Patter)
  • Verbeta (Loaf)
  • Visual Affects (Commtech)

Pick a Trade-In. This is basically what your character traded in having a real life for. We offer ten possible Trade-Ins, outlined later in more detail.

Eating Habits
Caffeine & Donuts
Meat & Potatos
Salad Bar

Then comes the choice of one of four Eating Habits, what your character primarily subsists on, given the option.

Archaeocyathid, Archaeology, Archaeopteryx, Archaic, Archangel, Archbald, Archbishop, Archconfraternity, Arch Dam, Archduchess, Archegetes, Archenemy, Archeozoic, Archerfish, Archetto, Archie, Archiplasm, Archivist, Arch of Triumph, Archon

Next, you will choose arch-types for the two aspects of your main personality.

Fizzy: Unh, Whee, Urrrrgh
Brainy: Oh-ho, Aha, Eureka
Friendly: Hi, Hmm, Hoo-baby

Attriboats are divided into three categories, which at least kind of refer to what's in them.

Talons: Lertness, Aesthetics, What-to-wearness, Bawl, Drudge, Funny-Faces, Tuition, In-time-ation, Streetwalk, Sub-refuge
Skulls: Dried, Croquette, Bang-Bang, Leader's Hip, Media-shun, Mealeat, Stripsearch, Stilt, Revival, Technobabble
Gnawledges: Compunerd, Cosmic Dude, Throat-Culture, Enemas, Divestigation, Low, Tongue-istics, Medisin, Headology

Fifthly, come Liabilities. Don't let the name fool you - some of these are only liabilities for other people.

Dalliances, Arcade, Avatorade, Density, Gleam, Influenza, Libel, `I meant er..', Nude, Junk

There are ten choices of Freshground coffee, probably from the coffee house in your closet.


QEDessence (vs Law of Averages)

The rest of this stuff just fills out your character, and is best explained, in full, later.


P R E S T I D I G I T A T O R R:

Left takes you back to the introduction...
Right takes you into beginning the creation of your Prestidigitatorr.