with a little bit of help from MaBarry

RAW CHAOS: entropy incarnate, the stew of processes and reactions as magical as scientific. possibly the start of all life, possibly the effect of the end of all life. very difficult to survive within as the same catalyst that creates life is likely to mutate into a destructive force..

The very beginnings are, of course, lost to time... - if it can even be presumed that there WAS "a beginning" to everything, the people back then were busy developing and surviving and didn't think to write it down. But it's generally undisputed that there was raw Chaos first, and that over time it happened, as raw Chaos will do, to throw together occasional patterns..some of which held longer, and some of which became life, and some of which learned to shape themselves without dissolving back into the Chaos...and some of THOSE learned to shape the Chaos around them.

Right, well. This Amber campaign is going to be...well, it's got some new twists, and it's got some old twists, and one or two straight bits right where you'll least expect them. I'm calling it "Paths of Blood, Ways of Stone", for reasons which should become apparent.

Now, before you decide if you're really interested or not, this game comes with a heap of disclaimers.

First; I'm changing some things. Actually, I'm changing almost everything. Basically, I'm starting with all the things that make an Amber game Amber...that means Amber (of course), most of the Elders, the whole Pattern/Shadow/Logrus thing, the Abyss...and I'm grabbing each of them and twisting them like I'm trying to wring all the water out. Some are more changed than others, but...don't expect things to work like they do back in Kansas. Oh, and nothing in the books has actually happened, per se.

KANSAS: a mythological place of staid boredom popularized by a story of a girl whose house gets chucked into a shadowstorm and transported into a land of little singing slaves. She is eventually brought back by a pair of trump powered silver slippers, after a number of unlikely adventures.

The most blatant off-canon change is that I am here debuting Court Lessima, as conceived by MaBarry and built by the two of us; for those who don't know, Lessima is a court of Shapeshifters that reside near the Abyss, and it comes complete with its own way of divvying points for shapeshifting. (I should here note that we ARE working Court Lessima out as a separate system, but...that's in development, so here it'll just be part of the Amber universe.)

COURT LESSIMA: shapeshifters without the right blood to have Logrus, and hounded almost into the Abyss, their shapeshifting tricks are unrivaled. More later when the Court Lessima site comes back up, or ask questions of lessima@xpert.net.

Second; I have every intention of mucking about. This is an IMPORTANT disclaimer, even moreso than the first - this isn't a game for character purists. I can say I won't do it lightly; *I*'m a character purist, and I'm going to be pushing myself pretty hard on it, but in this game, not only might you die, but there are things around that can climb right into your head. I'll probably be doing nasty things directly to your character; I quite firmly reserve the right to do nasty things through parents, siblings, friends, children, nearby architecture...you know.

CHARACTER PURISTS: players who feel (quite righteously) that they are the utmost authority when it comes to things their characters feel, believe, or think. abused in Amber most often with such things as glamour or High Compelling.

Thirdly; I'll be expecting YOU to push things a little. Here I have to admit my greatest failing as a GM, in past experience - I'm actually pretty lousy at forcing people into plots. Fortunately, Amber's a game rife with opportunities for the players to provide their own impetus, so here I'm offering a deal; if you make yourself a character who's likely to spend a lot of time sitting on their duff avoiding as much adventure as possible, then chances are, you're going to spend a lot of time doing just that. I'm not asking you to do all the work, but I'll have a whole set of players to cope with; don't ask me to force you into every little thing.

Oh, and fourthly; I don't know how things are going to go, of course - that's going to depend a lot on the players. But I want to keep open the possibilities of getting into some rather icky things; you know, the standard "sex, drugs, and violence" muskateers, along with maybe a bit of psychology and occultism. If you're not up for `adult themes', probably should skip on this one. {Though in fairness, I'd probably stop short of bringing taxes into it.}

ICKY: things that are adult by reasoning that they would be described by your average 4-year-old as "icky", "mushy", and generally "gross".

Also, while not strictly a `disclaimer' and more on the lines of a `lure', be aware (and beware?) that MaBarry'll be co-GMing; primarily, she's in charge of putting together any Lurker files and giving me the occasional, "Oh, go ahead, he should die for that," pep talk. You can also go to her for advice, especially regarding the Lessi, but don't forget that she *IS* an Amber GM at heart.

LURKER: one who watches the game proceed but does not participate. further discussion on this has led us to deny Lurker privileges for protection of our players, however, some stories and information will eventually be declassified.

Those about cover the actual disclaimers. If you're still interested...well, what I need, actually, is for you to NOT build a whole character and send it to me. What I need is for you to look over the general common-knowledge stuff, work up some idea what you might like, and we can talk it over. I will warn flat out; almost all the IMPORTANT things about the Powers are really only known by those who have them, and I have every intention of holding that..meaning, to a large extent, that you have to commit...not blind, I hope, but admittedly myopic.

SEND IT TO THE LINTKING: his address is lintking@chisp.net -- however, you would get points for asking what he's looking for (if anything) first.

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