The LintKing

While the LintKing is busy lining the layers of his new lair, let's learn a little bit about him...

The LintKing after the Wedding "I'll leave out all the boring details like when and where I was born...even I hardly care about that, so I can only imagine how little you must. I suppose the most important thing to note is that I'm a cat person. If you're one or know any, I'm sure you'll understand that in any conflict, that supercedes any other aspect of my personality." He chuckles.

"Mostly what I actually DO with my life is...type. I get up in the morning and type, then I go to work and type, get home and type briefly before dinner, and then usually go type some more after. There's some variety, of course -- sometimes we'll go catch a movie or something, during which I generally don't type, but as a rule, if you were to randomly spin a clock and pick a minute, if you then checked on me at that minute, odds are good you'd find me either typing or asleep. If you didn't, of course, I go into a whole quantum state where I'm both typing AND asleep. I've been noticing that people are doing this to me frequently around the last couple hours of work, and it's getting on my nerves, so if you decide to try this little experiment, please do check up on me. Oh, and no, cat person or not, I don't hold with being stuffed in boxes with poison and decaying atoms, though I enjoy the idea of using slightly-misunderstood quantum theory as a basis for undead in a high-tech campaign.

"Ah, anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, typing of course. Well, it's probably not as bad as I make it sound. I do squeeze in some eating, role-playing, politics, and kinky sex. Not too much for eating, actually...I'm not clinically anorexic anymore, but I must admit, I've still not quite gotten the knack for actually enjoying food. (Though I remember once, not too long ago, eating a carrot and suddenly, actually noting that it tasted good. It was eerie,)"" he admits.

"The other three, though...well, those take up significant chunks of my psyche. Role-playing these days goes mostly to Amber. You can see plenty of that around here. (These days? Pft. These years, really.) But we also meet up with a couple of friends (Hi, guys!) to actually be,, and there we play things like AD&D or HoL or, of course, Nuclear War. (Which I've been able to do as an RPG, yes. I roleplay during Yahtzee. Heck, right now I've got a massive games of lines-and-boxes I'm running between three of my Amber characters. [1386 potential boxes in a 42x33 grid. Ask me if I ever get bored at work. G'wan. Ask me. {The answer is yes. Thanks for your concern.}])"

"As for the politics, I'm more or less a democrat, though I can't say I'm terribly happy with the actual Democratic Party, per se. I'd likely be a republican if they were what they claim to be, but they're not, so there you are. Most of the smaller groups are too single-issue for my tastes, and though the Libertarians have some good points going for them, I find enough disagreement with them to not want to actually join up. My own philosophy comes mainly to 'informed consent' -- make sure people can get the information on what they're getting themselves into, and then let them make up their own mind and take their own consequences. I DON'T believe in protecting people from themselves, and personally, I'm only willing to give up so much freedom for protection from other people.

"And when it comes to kinky sex..." the LintKing grins.


[The Lintking]