jIg nOIr mELt -- Words of Wonder

This list is compiled by Ariana Wadsworth (ariawort@juno.com) from suggestions, misspellings, silliness, and mispronounciations. Send yours to her for inclusion!

this month i have abandoned my unusual collection of spellings for a collection of monstrous venery. i hope you enjoy my suggestions. -- a.c.w.

used to describe a group of zombies.

used to describe a collection of more than one demon.

used to describe a similar collection of angels.
a collection of many types of angels, is of course, a mixed blessing.

a number of dustdevils might collectively be called a dervish of dustdevils.

a number of owlbears is considered a squeeze.
merely having two owlbears is but considered a tight squeeze.

use closet to refer to any group of household-based monsters.

a group of spriggans, however large and competent, is reduced to the term of a gibber.

a number of umber hulks is certainly a confusion of them.

a kicking refers to both a singular and group of acid blobs.

the only appropriate collection of liches. however, i am assured that it is an "ohmigodwe'redoomed" of dracoliches.

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