Who Does What

Jig Noir Melt Productions, a registered tradename in the state of Colorado, is co-owned and operated by the very... knaughty K. M. Lintz and the very merry Meera Barry, with no other employees of note. However, we do have some regular volunteer staff members of the magazine who should probably be given thanks and dubious attention.

Now a real regular to our staff, there's Dirk, who will be writing our gaming-cinema column. He also has a story featured somewhere within this issue... of dubious taste, but still amusing.

Thanks goes, of course, to Saint Raven, who, while she hasn't written anything directly for the magazine (yet), has been extensively featured in the quotes.


The 'Minions', the IRPS directorate, Corsairs Anonymous, The Assassins' Guild BBS (303) 722-6881, The Inner Circle, the writers of Mayfair's old UnderGround game, the Tiki-God list, you funny people talking about the RPG industry, Michey!, Thor for playing Amber AGAIN!, Mike for letting us borrow those CDs (which we still need to listen to two of), Kyria 'cause she's cute -- and happy birthday, Sam!, and, um, all of you I still can't remember.

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j n m ( m n j )
"Impropriety is the soul of wit."
-- another one of our many quotes unknown in attribution