The Ingredients List

This issue has been designed under the influence of:

Promises that we'll "sleep in" sometime soon, a Demon Hunter movie that was eerily familiar, an idea for a cemetary club motif, mages who can really kick butt, a little guy in a big stone gargoyle, the You Don't Know Jack's...Chinese Food Emporium, the most successful convention meeting we've ever attended...with only 4 attendees total, having an Arcane Rating of 5 when it comes to credit checks, budgets with positive surprises, little pieces of paper with words in red on them that mean nothing a day later, plenty of coddling Samantha, watching bad series premieres with the folks, the Beezlebuddy children's toy, with Beezlebubbles, and the plumber who had to go all the way to Dirk's Backyard and back to get that owlbear out of the privy.

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j n m ( m n j )
"Do not disturb.
I had a hard enough time getting turbed in the first place."
-- heard it, can't attribute it