jig noir melt Productions is now proud to present...well, pleased to bring to you...that is, we have some space to fill...er.

    Alright, this just popped into my head and I figured I'd inflict it on the rest of you. And in THAT spirit, we're proud to present...

Go Figure!

A new card game by jig noir melt Productions

Yes, quite possibly the ONLY two player card game that can honestly aspire to the title given most solitaire games, "Idiot's Delight".

A variant on the children's game often named "Go Fish", Go Figure is simple to learn, requiring only a standard 52-card deck, a VERY good friend, a little time, and half a brain (and we mean that).

First, shuffle the deck, and then let your friend cut it, so they know you aren't cheating.

Second, deal out all the cards -- 26 to each of you.

From here, play proceeds largely according to that children's game we were talking about. After both players have set out what pairs they happened to get, the dealer (you) goes first, asking your opponent for a card that matches something in your hand. If he has it, he has to give it to you, and you set out your new pair and go again. If he doesn't, he rolls his eyes and says, "Go Figure," because if he doesn't...you do, and that was really dumb. It's now his turn, and if he's paying any attention at all, he'll win, as you should have.

The game ends, of course, when all the cards have been neatly sorted into piles, thereby pretty much ruining the deck for any serious game until someone spends at least half an hour shuffling. Whoever has the most pairs wins, and the loser has to treat for dinner. (That's an Official Rule backed by the Bells of Mortijingle. If your friend argues, just show them this. It's hardly fair to pull this on them AFTER you've already won, but...go figure.)

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