jIg nOIr mELt?

Editorial Commentary by Meera Barry, Editor

October, already...? This will be our annual "Spoof on the Occult" issue, just because. That funny opening graphic (it's a bit of a crucified jester...a little bit of religious art from yours truly) and the black background are just for theme reasons.

A lot of things have happened in the past couple of months. We've considered and reconsidered going monthly. It's just not going to happen. While I love putting these together, I've got too many projects going and while the usual staff is still writing most of the magazine, none of them can be spared to do my job. Maybe if we get more articles, which would mean we'd have to do more advertising, which means more time commitment from me, and well... you see the problem.

What other things are happening? Well, let's see... first of all, we're working hard on some adventures for our current games, as well as writers' guidelines for those who might want to lend a hand. Leech is being put together (and, yes, it's hilarious) when we have that rare spare moment. I'm overdue in reformatting and making available the complete games for easy download...

One of the things I do in that so called spare time is volunteer for the IBECC group. IBECC (as well as providing free computer advice, donating computers and training to the handicapped, and squashing rumours, plus a whole lot more) puts on an annual conference (Anaconism) which I both build the web pages for, and work at... in fact, our very own High Priest is responsible for putting together the gaming there, and I always run a couple of games on top of everything else. Plus, it's a great convention, so you ought to look into it -- catch up with me and we can swap munchkin stories and dirty lich madam jokes.

Next issue doesn't exactly have a theme, yet. The one after it (February/March) is, of course, thematically appropriate to Romance. So far, some of our suggested entries may require us put up a warning... which amuses me. I always wanted an "adult" site... (and I certainly have the spam for it.)

One of our new projects is Minion University. It's a repository for our gaming group information (including the quote files from which a number of our end-quotes come from) as well as an experiment in GM-training. We'll offer GMs the opportunity to teach (through mailing list) classes on various aspects of gaming, and for other GMs to "get their degree" from the University. Look for more on this!

And, of course, I'm still working at my IRPS position as Director of PBeMs and a regular column writer there. Combine that with the semblance of a personal life (I have some very cute little sisters I need to spend time with) and a job... I'm rushed too much. While I really enjoy the magazine... monthly is out for a while, still.

I've been asked about the jester sticks... why we do it (and still provide an index, although not a complete one) is to give people the impression of "flipping pages". That's why we hide things there. At some point I'll probably provide a complete listing of the "hidden" pages... or not. A girl's got to keep SOME secrets, y'know.

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