Madame Mysteriologica

[Due to the popularity of last month's column, we have decided to keep Madame Mysteriologica as our official character astrologer...and she's quite a character!]

Leo - can put their guns down any time they want...really...a healthy level of paranoia is an essential accessory - but you'll look good for it. This is a good month to use intimidation, not charm.

Aries - Your guardian angel is looking over you this month. There will be travel in your future - don't make a decision without checking with your best friend first.

Taurus - Careless words may lead to a confrontation - don't go in shooting first. Be careful when standing your ground - things may not be as they seem. It may be time to dump your current lover.

Gemini - Be careful when making that important decision - your heart knows more than your head. Life gets better - its downs just seem to be headed your way.

Virgo - Protect your virtue. You will be misled - be very paranoid. The MOTAS of your dreams could be waiting behind the next door - but then, so could C'thulhu. Listen to your instincts.

Scorpio - Don't be too quick to judge - you can afford to be generous, especially to small children. Do not take frustrations out on your loved ones - they might bite back, especially small children. Watch your money carefully.

Pisces - Gentility will prevail where violence won't. A financial blow is in your future. Take everything this month with a grain of salt, but watch your blood pressure.

Capricorn - Let it all go - be frivolous - take that chance - roll those dice. Caution? Hah.

Sagittarius - Your insecurity will cause you to make the wrong move - you're mistrusting the wrong person. Remember, you can always love too much. Shopping sprees can be dangerous.

Cancer - Don't be too quick to lash out - you may end up with regrets. This is a good time to find that someone special. Good fortune is around the corner.

Libra - Watch your step - that relationship may be a trap. Both sides have surprises; weigh them carefully.

Aquarius - Your time has come. The end is what you make of it. That which you've been seeking will arrive in a way you didn't expect. Being in love is the best magic, but don't underestimate a well-placed fireball.

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