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Prestidigitatorr: The Unpronounceable
A complete and playable spoof of White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension, seen with the twisted humor only JNMP's parody designer K. M. Lintz can provide.
"...Prestidigitatorrs. [Spelled with the doubled-r (or doubled-n, regarding prestidigitationn) to distinguish it from elephant milking.] Liars, cheats, frauds...even vaudevillians. If your campaign is dark enough, perhaps even politicians..."
WearRug: The Hairpiece
You guessed it! The complete (very!) and playable spoof of White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Another unusual parody by our co-owner and founder, K. M. Lintz!
"...In the world of WearRug, you (yes, YOU) get to play a dumpy balding guy, capable of transforming himself, virtually at will, into a blob of spineless jelly."
Leech: The Medicaid
The morbid side of the medical profession...but we can be cadaver about it...I mean... a parody of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. Again, by K. M. Lintz.
"...What does it mean to be a Leech? Primarily, it means you've traded in your very humanity for the trappings of wealth. The ultimate focus of your life is to suck the money from your vict..patients, though you may pretend to other obsessions. But though it means you may never interact normally in human society again without some dolt hitting you up for free advice about his gross and embarrassing problems, there are some advantages."
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